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Your Questions

A SMARTCASH payday loan

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a small cash loan that helps to carry you through to your next payday when you are a bit short. Sometimes you have an unexpected expense; sometimes it’s an emergency. The important thing about a payday loan is that it’s a manageable amount that you can pay back when you get paid. A loan from SMARTCASH should not be used for long-term or regular borrowing and is only suitable to address temporary, short-term cash needs.

How is a payday loan different to a loan from a bank?

Your application for a payday loan from SMARTCASH is approved within one hour and you have the choice of having the money in your bank account on the same day, providing you have loan approval before 3:30pm on a normal business day. Bank approval and loans, in general, take longer to process. Banks may require security over your car or anything else you own, whereas we do not.

Do I pay more for a payday loan?

Yes, you pay more for the convenience of same day approval and access to cash from a payday lender than from any other type of lender. Make sure you fully understand all the fees being charged when you consider borrowing from payday lenders.

How is SMARTCASH different to other payday lenders?

SMARTCASH loans are substantially cheaper than many other payday loans. Make sure you fully understand all the charges of a loan when you consider borrowing from payday lenders. We care about our customers and despite being online; our team is here to help at any step of the way.

How much does SMARTCASH charge for a loan?

We charge a daily interest rate of 0.134%, which amounts to an annual interest rate (AIR) of 49%, though you never pay that as our loans are only for a maximum of 31 days.

Does SMARTCASH charge loan fees?

We charge a $55 loan establishment fee, a $5 fee for each payment processed, if applicable a $20 wage deduction fee and if you would like your funds credited to your account the same day, the cost for this is $10. When we run a credit check on new or returning customers, there is a $15 charge to cover our costs for this service. There are no further fees provided that your loan is repaid on time, as scheduled. See What it costs for a list of SMARTCASH loan fees.

Why is SMARTCASH the smart choice for me?

Our lending criteria and lower lending rates help ensure you only borrow money you can pay back within the loan period.

Why are there so many online specialist payday lenders?

There are not as many as you think. Some payday lenders in New Zealand have multiple websites, each trading under different names but offering very similar loan rates. This is to make you think that the high lending rates they are offering are the “going rate” in the payday loan market.

Before you apply

Am I eligible for a payday loan from SMARTCASH?

You are eligible for a payday loan from us if you are a legal New Zealand resident in regular employment earning at least $400 a week after tax. Check other criteria for a SMARTCASH loan.

Do you lend to couples with a combined income of over $400 a week after tax?

No, we only loan to individuals. Therefore we only consider each person’s individual income.

Can I get a loan if I am self-employed?

Yes, you can if you earn over $400 a week after tax. You must be able to show that your earnings go into your bank account on a regular basis.

Do I have to provide security?

At SMARTCASH we do not require security for our loans. Banks, on the other hand, may require security over your car or anything else you own before lending you money.

How much can I borrow?

A payday loan needs to be affordable for you, and manageable. And, let’s face it; we want you to be able to pay us back! That’s why we will lend you up to 20% of what you are paid over the period of the loan, net after tax. So it’s easy for you to repay. You can borrow between $100 and $300.

Use our calculator to work out how much you can borrow from SMARTCASH.

Can I have cash deposited into my bank account on the same day that I apply?

Yes, if your loan is approved before 3.30pm on a normal business day, the cash can be paid into your account the same day. The charge for this service is $10. Otherwise the cash is paid into your account overnight and it is available to you next day, at no additional cost.

Can I apply for a loan from SMARTCASH over the phone?

No, you can only apply online.

Do I have to have a bank account to take out a loan from SMARTCASH?

Yes, your pay needs to be paid into a bank account that is in your name. We will check your bank details by checking your bank statements and by contacting your payroll officer when we process your application. We do this with your permission.

Is my SMARTCASH loan application confidential?

Yes, your online application is secure and confidential. You are also protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 which prohibits personal information being divulged to any third party without your consent. To enable us to discharge our obligations under the law, we are required to make certain enquiries with third parties about your application to ensure that it is affordable and suitable for you. We will only do so if you consent to this as part of signing your loan contract.

What happens if I supply incorrect information?

We need to be able to verify your identity, your employment, and your banking details. We also check on your credit history. You need to make sure all the information that you provide is accurate to ensure your SMARTCASH loan application can proceed without a hitch. We will contact you if we need further information or if something in your application doesn't look right.

Applying for a loan

When is SMARTCASH open for business?

We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

How long does it take to get a SMARTCASH loan application approved?

Subject to meeting our responsible lending obligations and enquiries, it should take about one hour to get a loan approved during business hours. Delays will occur if we do not receive a prompt reply to our loan affordability enquiries.

Other lenders advertise they are open for lending 24 hours, 7 days a week. Is that right?

You will find that most other payday lenders advertise that they will accept your loan application 24 hours a day, but they will still process it during normal business hours. That means if you apply after 5pm on a business day, you may have to wait until the next day to hear if your loan is approved.

How do I know if my SMARTCASH loan is approved?

We will email you back within an hour of receiving your application to let you know the status of your application.
However, it can take longer sometimes to contact your payroll officer to confirm your pay details or we may ask you to supply additional information. At any time, you can view the status of your loan by logging into your ‘Smartcash Account’.

I haven’t heard from you. Have you received my loan application?

If you are a new customer, immediately after signing your loan documents, you should receive an email from us asking you to confirm your email address. If you do not receive an email from us, please check that our email hasn't gone into your Junk or Spam folder in your email account. If it's not there, you should next check that you supplied the correct email address in your application. You can do this by going to our "Apply Now" page and logging in as an existing customer. Otherwise, email us at: or call us during business hours on 0800 222 465.

Why does SMARTCASH need to talk to my employer or Payroll Officer?

We make a quick call to check that the details in your application are correct. It will speed up your application if you let your Payroll Officer know we are going to contact them.

How soon can I access my SMARTCASH loan in my bank account?

If your loan is approved before 3.30pm on a normal business day, the cash can be paid into your account the same day. This depends on your bank transferring the money straight away into your account and this should happen with all of the major trading banks in New Zealand. The cost for this service is $10. If your loan is approved after 3.30pm the cash is paid into your account overnight, at no additional cost, and it is available to you the next day.

I didn't sign my loan document before I left the SMARTCASH site. Do I have to apply again?

No, you don't. To continue with your application, go to our Home Page and from the yellow menu on the left select "My Smartcash Account". On this page, log in to your SMARTCASH account using your email address and the password that you have already selected. Next, click on the "Click here to sign your documents" link and sign your contract as directed.

If you are a new customer, next you will be sent a follow-up email immediately asking you to confirm your email address. When we have the signed contract and your email confirmation we can get on with processing your application.

Do you need to see my bank statements to complete my loan application?

When you apply for a loan with SMARTCASH, we may contact you to request your last three months' bank statements, up to the date of your application. We will do this by sending you a link to our service provider, Credit Sense, who allow us, once you have entered your details and granted us consent to view your bank statements online in a secure, confidential, "read-only" format. If you do not wish to allow us to see your statements this way, you may send them to us in PDF format by email. We do not accept screenshots.

Does SMARTCASH do credit checks?

Yes, with your permission, we run a credit check before we lend you money. We also provide information about your successful repayment of our loans to other lenders. This means that as soon as you pay us back it helps you achieve a good credit record. It is important that you repay any loan on time to preserve a good credit history, which means protecting your ability to loan money from us or anyone else in the future. A good credit history also means you have the ability to purchase goods from retailers on hire purchase.

I have a poor credit history. Will SMARTCASH lend me money?

As part of the loan application process, we consider your past credit history and we do take this into account before deciding if we will approve your loan. We also consider your current ability to repay a payday loan over a short period. Please also give careful consideration to whether a payday loan is right for you. Payday loans from SMARTCASH should be viewed as short-term loans to meet unexpected costs between paydays. For the ease and speed of access to our cash loans you pay a higher interest rate than you would at a bank. For this reason, payday loans are not designed to meet basic ongoing household costs. If you find that you are continually struggling to meet ongoing living costs, you may benefit from seeking some budgeting advice. You can visit Money Talk's website, phone them on 0800345 123 or email them at

SMARTCASH has declined my application. Why?

There are a number of reasons why you may not have met our eligibility criteria, for example, we may not have been able to confirm the information that you supplied or you may have failed our credit check. Check our eligibility criteria.

Can I take out more than one SMARTCASH payday loan at a time?

No, you can only take out one payday loan at a time from SMARTCASH. Provided that you meet our eligibility criteria, you are welcome to take out another loan with us if you are short of cash in the future.

I already have an existing payday loan from another lender. Can I take out a payday loan from SMARTCASH?

No, you need to repay your existing payday loan before you are eligible for a loan from SMARTCASH.

Repaying the loan

How can I check how much I need to pay and when it’s due?

Go to our Home Page and select "My Smartcash Account" from the yellow menu on the left. This will take you to your personal account page. Login using your email address and the SMARTCASH password that you have already chosen.

When do I need to repay the loan?

SMARTCASH payday loans need to be repaid by the date specified in your loan contract. You can repay the loan at any time prior to the due date for payment and you will only be charged the amount owed as at the date of repayment.

How do I repay the loan?

You can pay us in instalments as you get paid. We usually direct debit the money from your nominated bank account, however we may instead request your repayments are made by manual payment, or wage deduction depending on your circumstances.

What if I can’t repay the loan on time?

Please notify us as soon as you become aware of your change in circumstance. We need a minimum of two working days notice to stop or alter a direct debit.

We expect the loan to be repaid within the agreed loan period. If, however, you encounter unforeseen financial hardship, because of illness, injury, loss of employment, the end of a relationship, or other reasonable cause, and you are reasonably unable to meet your obligations under the Loan Agreement, you may apply to have the terms of your Loan Agreement amended. An application for undue hardship must:

- Be submitted in writing,
- Explain your reasons for being unable to meet your repayment obligations, and
- Propose a solution to remedy the situation.
- On receipt of your application, we will acknowledged receipt and will notify you of our decision within 20 working days. If you have already made an application for undue hardship within the last four months, you are not entitled to do so again, unless we otherwise agree.

What do I do if, for any reason, I need to change the date of the SMARTCASH direct debit from my bank account?

If, for unforeseen reasons, you have to change the date of a direct debit you must let us know and we will process this at the bank. Please email us at or phone our SMARTCASH customer support line on 0800 222 465. You must give us at least two business days notice to stop and alter a direct debit. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Will there be additional costs if I can’t repay my SMARTCASH loan on time?

If you are unable to repay the loan on the agreed terms, it is very important that you contact us at least two days before a scheduled payment by direct debit is due. If we don't hear from you within one working day of your repayment being missed, you will incur a missed payment fee of $30. If your loan remains unpaid, your debt may be passed to a debt collection agency, which will charge you collection fees, for which you will be responsible for paying directly. Any change to a payment amount or date that we agree with you will incur a processing fee of $20

Can I cancel the loan?

You have a right to cancel your loan within five working days of receiving it. You must notify us of your intention to do so within this time. Please note: if you cancel your loan, you will still be liable for any charges and expenses incurred in the processing of your loan, and its cancellation. This will include the establishment fee, the same day fee (if applicable), the wage deduction fee (if applicable) and interest accrued for the period from the day you received the loan until the day you repaid the balance.

What can I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a problem or complaint about any aspect of the SMARTCASH service, please let us know by phone on 0800 222 456 or email We have an Internal Complaints Process, and we will do our best to resolve your complaint within 10 working days. If we cannot do so within this time, we may take longer, provided we have good reason to do so. In any event, we will continue to keep you informed of the progress of your complaint. If we are unable to reach agreement, you may choose to refer your complaint to external dispute resolution scheme: Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL). This is a free and independent service there to resolve specific complaints between consumers and financial service providers. You can contact FSCL by phone on 0800 347 257 or by email: You are entitled to refer to them at any point during this process.

Who is SMARTCASH’S dispute resolution scheme?

SMARTCASH is a member of Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL), an independent complaints service. They can be contacted on 0800 347 257 or by email at FSCL is available to consumers to resolve complaints against scheme members. They will not charge a fee to any complainant to investigate or resolve a complaint.

Where can I seek financial advice?

The Ministry of Social Development provides a budgeting and financial capability helpline called Money Talks. This service is free and confidential. We recommend seeking their assistance if you are having financial difficulties or before entering into a payday loan. You can visit Money Talk’s website, phone them on 0800 345 123 or email them at Other budgeting services are: Fin Cap, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Sorted


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