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We communicate with you only by your personal email to process your application for a payday loan.

Payday loans online

SMARTCASH offers the lowest interest rate of any specialist online payday lender in New Zealand for a loan over $100. This means you pay less for payday loans online when you take out a payday loan from SMARTCASH.

A payday loan is a small cash loan that helps to carry you through to next payday when you are a bit short. Sometimes you have an unexpected expense; sometimes it’s an emergency. The important thing about a payday loan is that it’s a manageable amount that you are able to repay when you get paid.

SMARTCASH specialises in payday loans online, and our loans are only available to our online customers.


with other specialist online payday lenders.


See if you qualify for a SMARTCASH loan today.


It takes less than 5 minutes. You are 60 minutes away from a cash loan approval.

What a loan from SMARTCASH costs you

At SMARTCASH we offer short-term loans online from $100 to $500. We arrange repayment of your loan to coincide with your paydays.

Our daily interest rate is 0.99% . If annualised, that equates to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 361.5%, though you never pay that much as our loans are only for a maximum of 90 days. See the table above to compare us to other payday lenders’ rates. We charge a $25 loan establishment fee.

You pay nothing more to get your cash in your account on the day after your loan is approved.

We also offer cash in your bank account on the same day. However, we charge $10 for this service.

When you borrow from us, you must repay your loan within the number of your pay periods that you select. If, for any reason, you are having difficulty making your repayments it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss further arrangements for your loan.

If we do not hear from you and you do not repay your loan on the agreed terms, you will be in default of the loan. You will be charged interest of 0.99% per day on the outstanding principal sum and fees, from after the loan expiry date until the loan is repaid in full. See our Terms and Conditions.

You must repay all outstanding amounts before you can apply for a new loan from SMARTCASH.

To help protect your good credit record it is very important that you repay our loan in full. Keeping a good credit history makes it easier for you in the future to borrow money from all lenders or purchase goods from retailers on lease or hire purchase.